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一. The origin and development of Chinese carpet.
(1) China is one of the oldest countries which can make carpets. The typical Chinese carpets tags were excavated from XINJIAN HE TIAN .They has about 2000 year’s history. Carpets were first emanated from tableland area. They were made by the people from nomadic tribe.
(2) The geography development of Chinese carpets.
Chinese carpets were traceable from XINJIANG and then across the SILK ROAD and WEST RIVER AISLE and then gradually they were transmitted into GANSU,SHANXI,NINGXIA,NEIMENG,QINGHAI,TIBET and so on. Until 1860, they were first come into Beijing.
(3) Frustration of Chinese carpets.
During the war time, Chinese carpets suffered a lot. There were came up maraud and burning and a lot of techniques of carpets were lost.  And also a lot of rare carpets were mangled. Because of the war, the market order was messed up. It is very difficult to do business. So a lot of techniques were lost and most of the merchant of carpet were bankrupted. So a lot of valuable techniques were lost.
(4) Until 1921, the first modern time silk factories were built by an American. Carpets making was also started. The productions were mainly sold into Europe and North America. At the end of 19 Century, modern machine and chemistry dyestuff appeared. And in 20 century, traditional handicraft had resuscitated. New techniques of carpet making were used by the people from littoral.
Carpets could be developed into four types.
(1) Wool carpet.
(2) Mixed carpet.
(3) Polyester carpet.
(4) Plastic carpet.
According to techniques, carpets could be developed into men made carpet and machine made carpet.
According to function of using, carpet could develop into carpet for commerce and carpet for house and carpet for industry.
二.Carpet installing
Installing carpets is a complicated process. It cost labor and technical. Generally specking, carpet is installed by the decorating company. And even the professional decorating company has to ask the technical person to complete this work. The traditionally methods of carpet installing are western style method and glues method.
The western style of installing:
1. Before carpets are installed, make sure of the side of the place you are going to fix the carpets. According the size of the place, deciding the sides of carpets, then register the number. According to the number put the carpet into the room; put the cutting carpet on the carpet gasket to make sure the side is fixed to the place. If the carpet is not fixing to the place, make sure the over breadth one be connected first. (When connected the carpets, make sure it is in the same layer. The floss direction should be consistently to avoid color differences.)
2. After connecting the carpet, it is also necessary to extend the carpet. First, fastened one side of the carpet fixedly on the wood stabs with flat spade. The floss of the carpet goes to kick the underneath of the sole. When stretching the carpet, there must be a supporting tool.
(According to the trim size, two kind of supporting tool could be used). Stretching the carpet lengthways and then breadth wise, until all four sides are all fastened on the wood stabs.
3. After installing the carpets, cut off the excrescent part and then put the floss inside the crevice between the wall and the wood stabs with a flat shovel.
The sticking method:
Anther method of carpet installing is gluing. No matter the carpets are with additional bottom or independently additional bottom, both of them could use this method.
 Problems solving during the installing of carpets:
First, if there is any plumping up, turn over the carpet and roll a little, then make it flat. Anther way is use a supporting tool to make sure it flat and then put into the wood stabs immediately, hammering at the carpet with flat shovel until all the stabs could hold tight the carpet.
Second, do pay more attention on the quality when purchasing a carpet.  It could be affected the carpet’s color.
There are so many factors could affect the color of the carpet. So do pay more attention on such kind of problems.
   In addition to the quality of material, it also has other reasons. For example, surface damped or sunlight insulation. These all result in the color problems.
Third, if the stabs on the stab plank could not fasten, it could lead to the moving and loose of the carpet. In order to make sure all of the stabs could grasp the carpet, you need to ask the decorate company to install the stab plank.
三. Carpets cleaning.
1. Because of the static electricity, carpets absorbs dust easily; we could use a brush to clean it. And also, we could clean it with dust collector every other 2 or 3 days. Felicitously cleaning of the carpet could prolong it life of using.
2. Periodically maintaining.
(1)Moving out of carpet to out door place for every half year or one year up and flapping from the back to get rid of dust and then clean the surface of the carpets.
(2) When the carpet is heavily polluted can send to a professional company to clean.
Methods of special blots cleaning:
1. The coffee blot can be cleaned out with soda and then wiping with the white and clean cloth again.
2. The wax blot could be cleaned out with a hot iron. Between the blot and the iron there is a wet cloth, put a wet clean cloth on the wax blot and then iron it. The wax blot will be melt into the cloth.
3. the ball blot could be cleaned out with alcohol, and then clean it with a white clean cloth.
4.The lipstick blot could also be cleaned out with alcohol.
5. If you want to clean chewing gum first put some ice on it until it is cooling. The chewing gum would lost it’s gluey. So it is very easy to move it away. If small quantity dirty blot left we could clean it with alcohol.
6. Wine blot should be blot up immediately, and then put some salt on it. 2 hours later, clean it with cleaner.
7. If the carpets are burnt, cut out the burnt part then fill up with the same material.

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